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Name Product Accidental Injury Illness Maximum Yearly Benefit Paralysis Tick Yearly Sub-Limit Reimbursement rate Reimbursement Rate Bonuses
Medibank Ultimate Pet Care
Two months free">
Two months free
Get 2 months free across your first year's insurance premium when you chews Medibank Pet Insurance. Sign up using promo code 2MF. T&Cs apply. Plus, Medibank and ahm health members save 10% every subsequent year.
Budget Direct Pet Insurance
15% off your first year
Current Offer: Get a $100 Pet Routine Care Card to spend on your pet's healthcare needs when you purchase a new Pet Insurance policy before June 30 2023. T&Cs apply. Must pass 21 day cooling off period to qualify.
Kogan Pet Luxury Cover
80% up to age 8 & 65% over age 8
80% up to age 8 & 65% over age 8
First month free + $10 credit">
First month free + $10 credit
Sign up and get your first month FREE plus $10 ongoing monthly credit. T&Cs apply.
Knose Pet Insurance
Finder AwardExclusive
Knose Pet Insurance
10% off your first year
⭐Finder Exclusive: Get 10% off your first year. Sign up using promo code FINDER10. T&C's apply.
PD Deluxe Plan
First month free">
First month free
Apply online and get your first 1 month free. T&Cs apply.
Everyday Comprehensive Plus Cover
10% off your monthly grocery shop. T&Cs apply.
Everyday Pet Insurance customers get 10% off their monthly Woolworths shop. T&Cs apply.
PetsOnMe Deluxe Plan
1- 2 months free">
1- 2 months free
⭐Finder Exclusive: 2 months free for pets under 1yr or 1st month for pets over 1yr old + $30 cash back on annual policies with code FINDER30. T&C's apply.
Vets Choice Elite Cover
80% or 100%
80% or 100%
5% multi pet discount
Get a 5% discount when you insure more than one pet.
Petsy Top Cover
ExclusiveHighly Commended
Petsy Top Cover
30% off your first year
⭐ Finder Exclusive: Enjoy 30% off your first month of pet insurance, plus receive a custom pet tag. Sign up using the code FINDER. T&Cs apply.
Guardian Platinum Accident & Illness Cover
No offers currently">
No offers currently
Lifetime cover for cats and dogs, up to 80% covered.
PIA Major Medical Cover
First 2 months free">
First 2 months free
Covers specified accidents and illnesses, with Routine Care Cover included. Get 2 months free when you sign up using the code PIA241. T&Cs apply.
Real Premium Accident & Illness Cover
Get 10% of your premiums back after 12 months
Claim up to a maximum of $12k per year, with no excess to pay.
RSPCA Ultimate Plus Accident and Illness Cover
First month free">
First month free
Comprehensive cover for your pet, including the option of routine care. Get 1 month free for the first year of new policies. T&C's apply.
Australian Seniors Top Accident & Illness Cover
10% off if you're over 50
Benefits include overseas cover when in NZ or Norfolk Island for your pet, plus an optional routine care add-on.

Why compare pet insurance with Finder?

  • You pay the same price as buying directly from the pet insurer.

  • We're not owned by an insurer (unlike other comparison sites).

  • We don't ask for your phone or email.

  • We've reviewed over 60 policies on the market, so you don't have to.

What is pet insurance in Australia?

Pet insurance helps with the cost of diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries to your furry pal.

Comprehensive plans typically cover surgery, hospital visits and medicines – up to as much as $30,000 per year.

It can also help out with routine visits to the vet. However, because veterinary care is not cheap in Australia, pet insurance is designed to protect against expensive and unexpected events.

Since there's no Medicare for our dogs and cats, having insurance can help you make decisions based on your pet's health, not your bank account.

How does pet insurance work?

It works like this: You pay a certain amount (a "premium") to your insurer each month. In return, it pays a percentage (usually between 80% and 100%) of your cat's or dog's vet bills if they get sick or injured.

Pet insurance premium

Pay for protection

You pay your pet insurance premium monthly or annually. Policies typically cost around $40 to $80 a month.

Vet hospital

Visit a vet

You can visit any licensed vet in Australia if your pet gets sick (as long as it's not due to a pre-existing condition) or injured. You usually pay the vet bill directly.

Money back

Get reimbursed

You get between 60% and 100% of vet costs reimbursed. You can usually claim between $12,000 and $30,000 per year, depending on the policy you choose, which is why it's worth shopping around.

Guides to help you compare pet insurance

Getting a pet is exciting. Shopping for insurance isn't – so our experts curated these guides. Now it's easy to find cover.

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Best pet insurance
3+ top policies narrowed down (from over 60 options) by our expert authors.

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How much does pet insurance cost?

We got quotes for a greyhound from 8 partner brands. Here's what we found:

  • Budget Direct had the cheapest policy, $30 a month cheaper than the second cheapest option.

  • There's a $125 monthly difference between the cheapest and most expensive policy – an annual difference of $1,509.

  • Not all policies are created equal though. For example, PD, Coles and Vets Choice may cost more, but they cover 100% of your vet bill.

Pet insurance planMonthly premiumVet bills coveredExcess amountAnnual benefit limitWaiting period for illnessCompare quotes
Budget Direct Logo

Budget Direct

$79.3180%$100$12,00030 daysGet quote


$140.8480%$0$15,00030 daysGet quote
PD pet insurance


$110.29100%$75$20,00021 daysGet quote
Knose pet insurance


$205.1090%$0$25,00014 days Get quote
Coles pet insurance


$130.14100%$200$15,00021 daysMore info
Vets Choice pet insurance

Vets Choice

$138.23100%$200$15,00021 daysGet quote
Pet insurance Australia

Pet Insurance Australia

$148.7680%$0$30,00030 daysGet quote
Kogan Pet Insurance


$146.6180%$0$15,00030 daysGet quote

3 terms to help you compare pet insurance

Number 1

Annual benefit limit

This is the amount you can claim every year. It varies from around $12,000 to $30,000 (but some policies now offer unlimited cover). Good to know – a lower limit usually means a cheaper policy, but surgeries can exceed $20,000.

Number 2

Policy sub-limits

Some pet insurance policies have a cap on how much you can claim for certain injuries, such as paralysis tick treatment. A common sub-limit for this is $1,500 but treatment often costs $2,000+ (so maybe look for a higher limit).

Number 3

Reimbursement rate

This is how much you get back when you claim. Some will pay you 60% of the vet bill while others pay the whole lot. In a few cases, you'll also have to pay a small fee when you claim, called the excess.

Compare brands side by side
Gary Hunter and James Martin

Meet our experts

Collectively, our expert authors have over 15 years experience helping people with pet insurance.

We've written 100+ guides and regularly chat to vets. We've covered everything from the best pet insurance policies to dogs travelling in the cabin on flights (we're biased – we think it's a good idea too).

We compare nearly all pet insurers in Australia. If there's a brand that's offering something we think is useful, we let you know about it even if we don't work with them.

Less talk, more dogs please

Want to find out more?

We've broken down the basics of pet insurance to help you decide if it's what you and your pet need.

Find out more about the pros and cons here.

Jump on these pet insurance deals

With Finder, you don't just pay the same price as buying directly from the pet insurer. We also regularly have exclusive deals you won't find on other sites.

Medibank Pet Insurance DealsMedibank Pet Insurance Deals

Want to get 2 months free on your first year's premium?

Budget Direct Pet Insurance Deals Budget Direct Pet Insurance Deals

$100 Pet Routine Care Card


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You pay the same as buying directly from the pet insurer. Better still, we regularly run exclusive deals that you won't find on any other site – plus, our tables make it easy to compare policies.
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Our team of pet insurance experts have reviewed over 60 pet insurance policies and produced curated guides on everything from the best policies to jargon-free explainers.

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Unlike other comparison sites, we're not owned by an insurer. That means our opinions are our own and we work with lots of pet insurance brands, making it easier for you to find a good deal.

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Since 2016, we've helped 110,000+ people find pet insurance by explaining your cover options, simply and clearly. We'll never ask for your number or email. We're here to help you make a decision.
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