Compare gas and electricity providers in Perth and WA

Western Australia customers might only have 2 options when it comes to electricity but that doesn’t mean they can’t compare gas prices.

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Compare gas suppliers in Perth and WA

We've included gas plans from every provider in WA to help you compare your options.

Keep a look out for additional plan features that might impact your decision such as the option for monthly billing, credit card fees and any membership costs.

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Name Product Details Gas Price (annual estimate) Apply Description
Simply Saver

Simply Blue Perks

AGL Savers

AGL Set & Forget

AGL Senior Plus

Alinta Fair Go 35

Origin Go Variable

Origin Everyday Rewards Variable

Alinta Energy Sports Pack

Origin Basic

Kleenheat Monthly Smart Saver

Price estimate includes membership fee for the year.
Kleenheat Monthly Energiser

Price estimate includes membership fee for the year.
The annual estimated gas prices are based on a residential customer on the ATCO network at postcode 6107 who consumes 4015MJ yearly. Your actual bill may vary depending on your consumption.

Cheapest gas providers in Perth and WA

The 3 cheapest gas plans available in Western Australia are from:

Top pick:

Alinta Fair Go 35

$520 /yr

  • Best gas rates on Finder for WA as of May 2023
  • 35% discount on gas usage charges for 2 years
  • No credit card or move in fees
  • Local customer support
  • No live chat support and doesn't offer an app for plan management
Top pick:

Origin Go Variable

$551 /yr

  • Best electricity and gas rates on Finder for the ACT as of May 2023
  • Live chat support
  • Mobile app available
  • Credit card fees apply
Top pick:

Simply Saver

$725 /yr

  • 2022 Finder Award for best rated electricity and gas provider (national)
  • 100% carbon neutral energy
  • Live chat support
  • Mobile app available
  • Credit card fees apply

If you'd like to receive a more accurate estimate of your gas bills based on your own circumstances, use our comparison tool and input your energy usage and postcode.

Best gas provider in Perth and WA

As of April 2023, the best gas provider in WA is Alinta Energy

Top pick:

Alinta Fair Go 35

$520 /yr

  • Best gas rates on Finder for WA as of May 2023
  • 35% discount on gas usage charges for 2 years
  • No credit card or move in fees
  • Local customer support
  • No live chat support and doesn't offer an app for plan management

It offers one of the more competitive gas prices around and will even give you 35% off gas usage charges for a benefit period of 2 years.

In addition the gas provider does not charge you any credit card or moving-in fees and will offer discounts via to other retailers including HOYTS, Myer and Woolies via its reward shop.

We considered all of these factors to give individual gas providers in WA a value score, with Alinta Energy taking top spot in our rankings.

Compare electricity suppliers in Perth and WA

Due to the way energy is regulated in Western Australia, most residents aren't able to choose their electricity retailer. Synergy services Perth and parts of the south-east region while Horizon Power operates in the rest of the state.

However, you might be able to choose from 1 of 3 basic tariff types available:

  • Single rate tariff. Pay a daily supply charge and then for the power you use - set at one price per kWh. This means no matter what time of the day you use electricity, it all costs the same. (Synergy and Horizon)
  • Time of use tariff. Pay a daily supply charge and then a different price per kWh for your usage at peak, off-peak and super-off peak times throughout the day. (Synergy only)
  • Combined tariff. Available for those who live and run a business from the one address. Pay a daily supply charge and then for your usage at stepped rates. That means you pay a different amount per the number of units of electricity you use. (Synergy and Horizon)

There's also some notable exceptions.

You might be able to switch to regional QLD power or Northern Territory market (although they only have one retailer for electricity and gas), but where you are located will be the determining factor in this.

What electricity plan options do I have in Perth and WA?

In the southeast of the state, you'll be serviced by Synergy.

You can choose between 3 tariff types:

  • Home Plan (A1) tariff. Single rate tariff.
  • Midday Saver tariff. Time of use tariff.
  • Home Business Plan (K1) tariff. Combined/stepped usage tariff.

In regional WA your electricity provider is Horizon Power. You can choose between the following 3 plans:

  • Residential (A2) tariff. Single rate tariff.
  • Combined Use (K2) tariff. Combined/stepped usage tariff.
  • Prepaid Power. This plan lets you pay for your energy costs upfront and share costs with other householders.

Do you have to use Synergy for electricity in Perth?

If you're a resident in Western Australia, you do not have a choice in energy suppliers, meaning you will have to use Synergy.

This is because the state isn't connected to the national energy market.

Instead, Western Australia is a unique market that has its own electricity market, with its own regulations and 2 networks. These are broken down into the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) covering Albany to Kalgoorlie and a second network which is anything outside of the SWIS network.

These are further broken down into a number of regions including:

  • Kimberly region
  • Pilbara region
  • Gascoyne and MidWest Region
  • Goldfield-Esperance Region

While the vast majority of the state uses the Synergy network, there is one notable exception.

If you're a large enough business you will be able to negotiate with various suppliers.

This is based off two criteria:

  1. Spending more than $15,000 per year on electricity
  2. Use more than 50,000 kWhs

This is due to counting as contestable customers, which are available to negotiate with various providers.

Available energy rebates and concessions in WA

Western Australians can access a range of rebates or concessions to help manage the cost of their energy bills.

electricity icon
Energy assistance payment

This concession is aimed at helping low-income households in WA manage the cost of electricity.
Low income house
Energy Concession Extension Scheme payment

This is an annual payment to help those who are not customers of Synergy or Horizon Power
family icon
Dependent child rebate

A concession to help those with dependent children by reducing the amount owing on their electricity bills. It scales with the number of children.
Winter snowflake
Air conditioning rebate

This concession helps offset some of the costs associated with running an air conditioner.
House assistance icon
Hardship Utilities Grant Scheme (HUGS)

This scheme assists those experiencing financial hardship to pay off their outstanding bills. The amount you're eligible for depends on where in WA you live.

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