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To help you find the best car insurance in Australia, we narrowed down 30+ policies to a handful based on value, perks and features.

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Top pick:
Best value
Budget Direct Comprehensive
Finder Award
  • 15% off online purchases
  • Best Value – 2023 Finder Award winner
  • Cheaper than most insurers
Top pick:
Best features
Youi Comprehensive
Finder Award
  • Best Features – 2023 Finder Award winner
  • Automatically includes roadside assistance
  • Cover for collisions, weather damage and more
Top pick:
Young drivers
ROLLiN' Comprehensive
  • Cost effective for 20 year olds
  • No added excess for under 25s
  • Pay month to month
Top pick:
Bingle Comprehensive
  • The cheapest policy on Finder
  • Good at covering the basics
  • Flexible payment options
Top pick:
Customer satisfaction
QBE Comprehensive
Green Company
  • Winner at Finder’s Customer Satisfaction Awards 2022
  • Finder Green Award winner
  • New car replacement cover of up to 3 years
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Finding the best car insurance

Our insurance experts have analysed more than 30 of Australia's most popular car insurance policies to make it easier for you to find the best cover for your needs. Our picks are based on 2023 Finder Awards, customer surveys and Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) data. We only looked at comprehensive car insurance policies since it's the only type of policy that covers damage to your own car. Remember, what's best for you will differ from person to person so it's always best to do your research.

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Best for value: Budget Direct comprehensive car insurance

Budget Direct car insurance
Best value car insurance 2023

What we like about Budget Direct:

  • Budget Direct won the 2023 Finder Award for best value car insurance. It won because it provides a similar level of cover to other insurers but at a lower price. According to our 2023 research, the average policy costs $1,004 per year. That's cheaper than 27 other insurers including QBE, Allianz and NRMA.
  • It offers very similar cover to more expensive insurers. This includes damage to your own car, other people's property, $500 for personal items if they're stolen from your car and new car replacement if yours is written off within the first 2 years.
  • It's cheaper than average in every state we researched. It's $460 less than average in NSW, $513 less than average in VIC, $214 less than average in QLD, $241 less than average in SA, $265 less than average in TAS and $423 less than average in WA.
  • Budget Direct is very similar in price to AAMI. According to our research, AAMI was $4 a year cheaper. However, AAI Insurance (which issues AAMI car insurance policies) received the largest number of motor insurance-related complaints (1,698) during the most recent financial period. Auto & General (which issues Budget Direct policies) received significantly less (706), though it does have a smaller market share.
  • Bingle was $237 cheaper than Budget Direct, making it the cheapest insurer available according to our research. It doesn't cover as much though. For example, Budget Direct's comprehensive policy can pay you up to $1,000 to replace stolen keys, $500 for personal items that are stolen from your car and up to $1,000 for a hire car if yours is stolen. Bingle doesn't cover any of this.
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Best for features: Youi comprehensive car insurance

Youi car insurance
Best car insurance features winner 2023

What we like about Youi:

  • Youi won the 2023 Finder Car Insurance Award for best features. It's the only car insurance provider out of 32 to automatically include roadside assistance with its comprehensive policy.
  • It also comes with very similar cover to other insurers, covering accidental damage, theft, towing costs, new car replacement, if yours is written off within the first 2 years of it being registered and more.
  • It's one of the cheaper policies on the market. Youi comprehensive car insurance costs an average of $1,154 per year. Only 6 insurers were cheaper and none of them include roadside assistance.
  • It only pays for the first 2 call-outs in a year. Standalone roadside assistance policies like NRMA roadside assistance typically cover all call-outs.
  • You usually need to speak with someone over the phone before you buy a policy, so if you'd rather do it all online, Youi may not be best for you.

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Finder's top pick for young drivers: ROLLiN'

Rollin' car insurance

What we like about ROLLiN':

  • On average, ROLLiN' has the most cost effective comprehensive car insurance premiums for 20-year olds.
  • ROLLiN' won't hit you with an additional excess based on your age – you'll just pay $800 per named driver. Many other insurers will charge an additional younger driver excess on top of your standard excess. In some cases, younger driver excesses are around $600 so you can see how this cost starts to add up. ROLLiN's flat excess of $800 avoids this altogether, so long as the driver is listed. Unlisted drivers will need to pay an excess of $3,000.
  • ROLLiN' offers agreed value cover, giving you more control when it comes to your payout if your car's written-off. This is particularly helpful for those with car modifications who want to ensure the car is insured for it's worth, inclusive of any mods.
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  • ROLLiN's comprehensive policy isn't available for residents of Victoria. KOBA is another option if you’re looking for flexible coverage.

Best for price: Bingle comprehensive car insurance

Bingle car insurance logo

What we like about Bingle:

  • Bingle has the cheapest comprehensive car insurance premiums out of the 27 providers we researched. Out of the 36 different driver profiles we used to get quotes, it had an average cost of $767. That's over $230 less per year than other budget insurers like Budget Direct and AAMI.
  • You pay for what you get. It's cheap because its comprehensive policy covers you for the essentials without a bunch of extras. That means damage to your car including fires, theft, floods and accidents, plus accidental damage to other people's cars and property.
  • It's only slightly more expensive than some third party car insurance policies. Unlike them though, it will also cover damage to your own car.
  • If you're looking for a bunch of extra benefits with your car insurance, Bingle isn't for you. For example, it only gives you the option to insure your car for its market value. If you want agreed valued where you select the price the car is insured for, you'll need to look elsewhere.
  • It's online-only so if you prefer to deal with someone over the phone, you should consider another insurer.
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Best for customer satisfaction: QBE car insurance

QBE car insurance

Customer satisfaction - car insurance brand national

What we like about QBE:

  • It's good if you want a safe pair of hands. QBE won the most recent Finder Customer Satisfaction Award and Green Insurer of the Year. A portion of your premiums go towards supporting environmental causes.
  • Its comprehensive policy covers the essentials – accidental damage, fire and theft – but goes further than others. For example, it offers new car replacement if yours is written off within the first 3 years or has driven less than 60,000km. Most insurers only offer up to 2 years.
  • It covers up to $1,000 for personal items stolen from your car and $1,000 towards emergency transport and accommodation if your car breaks down. That's double what the majority of insurers cover.
  • QBE comprehensive car insurance is not cheap. Based on our research, it costs an average of $2,085 per year, making it one of the most expensive policies available.
  • QBE doesn't try to cut costs by offering fewer features or by making it all online-only. If customer service is important to you when reviewing car insurers, QBE is worth considering.
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Windscreen damage
Windscreen damage is the second most common car insurance claim. However, the excess often costs around the same as the repairs – so lots of insurers come with an excess free windscreen damage add-on. Say your window is broken by hail. With this optional extra on your policy, you won't be out of pocket for the repair costs or the excess.

Case study: Finding the best car insurance for a new car

Peta Taylor's first-hand experience

How Peta saved on her car insurance

After purchasing a new car, I began my search for a good, cost-effective comprehensive policy. Let me tell you – it pays to compare. In less than 30 minutes, I looked at 10 providers and found little difference in features yet over $960 difference in pricing. Restricting drivers under 25, parking under cover and increasing my excess were key to keeping the overall cost down. It wasn't the cheapest provider but it best met my needs at a price I could afford.
— Peta Taylor, associate publisher for car insurance, Finder

Which type of car insurance is best for me?

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the best type of cover if you want full protection. It's the only level of insurance to cover damage to your own car as well as others. It's good for people who:

  • Have a car which would be expensive to repair
  • Would not be able to replace their car if it was written off
  • Rely on their car for essential trips
Third party

Third party car insurance

This covers damage to other people's property, including their vehicles. You can also add fire and theft protection for your own car. It could be good if your car is low value – for example, if you can afford to buy a new car if yours was written off in an accident. Third party car insurance is good for people:

  • On a budget with a low-value car
  • Who don't rely on their car for essential trips
  • Who can afford to replace their car if it's written off in an accident
Compulsory third party

Compulsory third party

This is mandatory car insurance and it's good if you can only afford the bare minimum. It covers legal and medical costs if you injure or kill someone in a car accident.

Expert tips on finding the best car insurance for your needs

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